The work week ends, the weekend arrives, you are free to enjoy your time off!  There are a plethora of options to choose from, how do you decide?  Here are 10 reasons why you should attend the Tyrod Taylor Autograph Signing during the weekend of Sunday April 3, 2016 (4/3/16).

Reason 1:  You get a rare opportunity to meet and get an autograph from a current NFL Starting Quarterback, and a Pro Bowler at that!  It has been at least 10 years since such an opportunity has come up for the public of the 757 to meet and receive an autograph from a player with these type of credentials.

 Tyrod Taylor Pro Bowl

Reason 2:  You will have the opportunity to support a local charitable organization, as well as help a local business.  The local charity partner on the event is the Virginia Tech Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  A portion of the food, drink, power play sales from 1-4 pm in the Sports Lounge of Dave & Buster's Virginia Beach (Signing Venue), will go directly to the scholarship fund! 

Virginia Tech Alumni Association

Reason 3:  Create a memorable moment.  How many Starting NFL Quarterbacks have you met in your life?  We know it will be at least one if you decide to attend the 757 Sports Collectibles Tyrod Taylor Autograph Signing at Dave and Buster's Virginia Beach on 4/3/16.

Reason 4:  Make an investment.  Autographed memorabilia is not just something to brag about to your friends, they appreciate in value!  Before Tom Brady was the starting Quarterback for the New England Patriots, you may have paid $40 (Includes the price of the Mini Helmet) for a Tom Brady Signed Mini Helmet.  If you still had that mini helmet today, your mini helmet would be worth more than $1000!  That's an appreciation of 25 times, and that will likely only grow! That type of appreciation is almost double the type of return you would have seen from purchasing one share of GOOGLE at it's initial public offering price!

Tom Brady Mini Helmet

Reason 5: An autograph on any item you want.  If you by some chance did run into Tyrod Taylor in public, and were able to get his autograph, what are the chances that you would have any type of item worth autographing with you at the time? Almost zero!  A Tyrod Taylor on a napkin is worth a whole lot less than one on at Buffalo Bills Mini Helmet, or a Tyrod Taylor Jersey.

Reason 6: A clean autograph.  So you are going to a place where you know Tyrod Taylor will be in attendance, you have your pen ready, your mini helmet ready, you are standing in a group of crazed fans waiting for him to walk by and sign some items.  He walks by and is quickly scribbling autographs to 20 people in 15 seconds.  When you finally get your autograph home, you notice that it is all over the place, with little resemblance to his actual autograph.  Unfortunately sometimes you get what you pay for.  Free autographs are rarely very clean.

Reason 7: Autograph Authentication. You have Tom Brady's autograph from 15 years ago, he signed it at Mini Camp, you want to sell it for big bucks now!  Good luck, unfortunately; how are you going to prove that is actually his signature?  Send it off to a 3rd party authenticator for $150, when it's a 50/50 chance they won't even grade it as "Likely Authentic"?  At the 757 Sports Collectibles autograph signings we do autograph authentication right on the spot!  Each item signed by our featured athlete can be authenticated by our staff through our top of the line authentication process.  We affix our tamper-evident hologram which contains a unique serial number that is synced with our online certificate of authenticity database.  This number can be checked via the "Verify Authenticity" tab on  Once your number is entered, a page will pop-up similar to the picture below.  This listing will include all the important information about the piece, so when you go to sell the autograph 10 years down the road, you can pull this up and PROVE it's authenticity.


Reason 8: Social Media bragging rights.  What gets you as many likes a pictures of dogs and babies on social media?  PICTURES WITH CELEBRITIES!

Reason 9: Support local business. 757 Sports Collectibles is a local sports collectibles, memorabilia and gift shop located in the Lynnhaven Convenience Center on Virginia Beach Blvd (Across from RK Chevrolet).  The exact address is 2868 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.  757 Sports Collectibles is always looking to help sports fans find the sports products and gifts they need!

Reason 10:  Tyrod Taylor!!!! Last and obviously not least the local legend himself!  He has a great reputation, and we do not expect anything less than an amazing, fun event with him.  We hope to see everyone Sunday April 3, 2016 2-3 pm at Dave & Buster's Virginia Beach (Lynnhaven Mall).  Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact (757)340-4016 or